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Our rating list of TOP best nixie clock is based on the most important factors. We took into account such things as the price, build quality, materials, average user score, and many other characteristics of every nixie clock from the list. Nevertheless, we recommend you to make your own research to make sure that you will buy the most suitable product for you.

We have been researching the market for many days to provide you with the list of the best nixie clock. Now, our team is happy to present you this TOP list of the best nixie clock — use it to choose the right nixie clock for you!

Top 3 Best Nixie Clock of 2018

Rating Image Name and Features Details
Genuine 1. Genuine
Display year, month and day (yy-mm-dd/yy-dd-mm/dd-mm-yy/mm-dd-yy date format operational).
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Nuvitron The Vintage Nixie Clock 2. Nuvitron The Vintage Nixie Clock (Excellent Warranty Policies)
At least 30 years old.
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In-14 Nixie Tube Clock 3. In-14 Nixie Tube Clock
The program of flipping though colors, 99 types of brightness and clours of the backlight.
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№ 1. Genuine, Iv-11 Vfd Clock, Diy Kit Version 2017 (2-3 Day Usps Priority Shipping)

Ai/manuals/ for the instructions and user manuals. Day of week display: calculate and display the day of week. Time display: display hour, minutes and seconds (12 or 24 format operational, lead zero on/off supported). Date display: display year, month and day (yy-mm-dd/yy-dd-mm/dd-mm-yy/mm-dd-yy date format operational). Lunar date display: calculate and display chinese lunar date accroding to solar calendar.


Time display
Lunar date display
Date display
Given all the pros, this product is impeccable.


№ 2. Nuvitron The Vintage Nixie Clock, Art Deco Design with Soviet Nixie Tubes Made During The Cold War Era, Wooden Enclosure Handcrafted By

This nixie tube clock work in the 5 continents; it accepts 110/220v 50/60hz – dc power adapter included. Nixie tubes are easily swappable using copper pins – to extend their lifespan, it has random number sequences and works below their operation point. Soviet technology: nixie tubes in-12 from the cold-war era – at least 30 years old. The art deco wooden enclosure of this nixie clock is handmade by skilled artisans – each one takes over 30 hours to create. Display time in 12/24 hours mode – alarm function & color led s behind the nixies with cool effects.


This nixie tube clock work in
The art deco wooden enclosure
Display time in 12/24 hours mode
Soviet technology
Nixie tubes are easily swappable using copper pins
The product is hard to buy because of a low number of official vendors.

What am I supposed to do if I receive the wrong item instead of the nixie clock I ordered?

You should not worry about it because marketplace has a customer support team that will help you to make a refund or replace the wrong item with the nixie clock you ordered. In case you get a wrong product, contact the support and describe your problem. You will not have to wait for a long time — support team works very fast.


№ 3. In-14 Nixie Tube Clock Assembled with Acrylic and Wood Enclosure Adapter 6-tubes By Millclock

Gradual switching of numbers means smooth change of numbers of hours, minutes and seconds. The new value gradually covers the previous one. The program of flipping though colors.99 types of brightness and clours of the backlight. Built-in battery socket, time backup during power interruptions. Time format: 12 / 24 time display. Automatic winter/summer time changing according your time zone. The backlight menu item turns the backlight on and off in the operation mode (one click button-night mode).


Gradual switching
The program
The backlight menu item turns
Time format
Built-in battery socket
Inconvenient to use.

Does a good nixie clock require a lifetime warranty?

Nixie Clock manufacturers offer all kinds of guarantee plans for any taste. The cheapest models usually come without any warranty. Decent nixie clock with the average price have a one-year or two-year long protection. Finally, the most expensive products are offered with the lifetime warranty. We believe that the five-year warranty is more than enough for any nixie clock. You can consider buying good nixie clock with a lifetime warranty, but such models are usually overpriced.

How much should you spend to get a decent nixie clock?

You should not make your choice based on the price of a nixie clock. You will not make a mistake by buying the most expensive nixie clock on the market, if you can afford it. However, you may never need a half of its functions. We recommend you to take a look at the nixie clock from the average price segment. It is quite possible that they will cover all of your needs. At the same time, you will save a bit of your hard-earned money.

Did you test all the nixie clock on the marketplace before making the TOP list of the best products?

Our team wanted to assist every person who is interested in buying nixie clock. This is why we spent days comparing various models from different brands to find the very best options. Given the number of nixie clock available on the market, it was very hard — but we did it. The defining factor of our TOP list is its price/quality ratio, so you can use it to choose both cheap and expensive nixie clock.

Is buying nixie clock online risky?

Why would be buying a nixie clock online dangerous? marketplace is nearly always on the buyer’s side during the conflicts resolution. Getting a refund is very easy and only takes a couple of hours. You and your money are completely safe — there is no need to worry. Try to order a nixie clock from our rating list yourself — this website is very convenient thanks to myriads of user reviews, so you will definitely like it.

What to check before buying a new nixie clock?

Before making a purchase, you can use marketplace to find out everything you want to know about any specific nixie clock. We like this marketplace for a good reason: this website has a great interface and a “Compare” feature, which makes the process of finding the best nixie clock a lot easier. Do not forget about user reviews: read them to understand whether the chosen nixie clock is suitable for you.

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