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Best Travel Bbq Grill
Our team covered all factors of each travel bbq grill before creating the TOP list of the best travel bbq grill. The price, warranty period, materials, user reviews and many more aspects of travel bbq grill were taken into account. With our help, you will be able to make your own choice and buy the most suitable travel bbq grill for your needs.

Considering the number of various travel bbq grill available on the market, choosing the best one is a pretty tough task. Hundreds of manufacturers release new travel bbq grill every year to compete for your money. To make your choice a little bit easier, we decided to create this list of the TOP best travel bbq grill (and the extended TOP-30 list).

Our Favorite 6 Travel Bbq Grill of 2018

Rating Image Name and Features Details
Ease of use 4/5
Size 5/5
Construction 5/5
Value 5/5
Blackstone Grill 1. Blackstone Grill (Editor’s Choice)
Versatile enjoy several different setup combinations.
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Ease of use 5/5
Size 4/5
Construction 4/5
Value 5/5
Portable Grill 2. Portable Grill
Equipped with 2 wheels it s very easy to carry the bbq grill thanks to the telescopic pole that can be pulled out easily to drag it for travel.
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Ease of use 3/5
Size 5/5
Construction 5/5
Value 5/5
Blackstone Table Top Grill 3. Blackstone Table Top Grill
Simply store the griddle top upside down on top of the griddle body after use to save space.
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Ease of use 4/5
Size 5/5
Construction 3/5
Value 5/5
Charcoal Grill 4. Charcoal Grill
Use the grill set on any terrain or in any weather.
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Ease of use 4/5
Size 5/5
Construction 5/5
Value 3/5
Portable Camping Grill 5. Portable Camping Grill
Just wipe the rods with a towel and slide back into the convenient carry tube.
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Ease of use 4/5
Size 5/5
Construction 4/5
Value 3/5
Blackstone Dash Portable Grill 6. Blackstone Dash Portable Grill (Budget Pick)
Whether you are camping, tailgating, hunting, or just out with the family, the quick folding legs and 2-way packing system enables ergonomic side carrying or pulling on wheels.
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№ 1. Blackstone Grill S Tailgater, Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo, Barbecue Box, Two Open Burners Griddle Top, Adjustable Legs, Camping Stove Great for Hunting, Fishing, Tailgating and More

Portable – the perfect tailgater grill and griddle for any event. Easy portable setup, almost no assembly required, ready to use in seconds. Take it to the park for an afternoon cookout or take it into the woods for a long-term camping trip. The easily adjustable legs will be stable on uneven ground and make setup a breeze. Versatile enjoy several different setup combinations. Utilize the grill box and griddle at the same time or easily remove both and use the two open burners for pots/pans. You can also keep the grill or the griddle on and have one open burner so many options. With a gas grill and/or griddle, you can cook and barbecue however you want, enjoy cooking a variety of food on one easy to use tailgater combo. Two burners two independently controlled burners (1 stainless steel h tube burner and one cast iron burner). The h tube burner can put out 15.000 btus and the cast iron burner can produce 20.000 btus. Blackstone stands behind their product large or small and guarantees your satisfaction.

Durable – built to last this blackstone grill includes a heavy-duty grill box with vent, handle and durable cast iron grill grates plus a cold rolled steel griddle plate and the whole unit has a strong powder coat finish.


Two burners two independently controlled burners
Satisfaction guarantee
It is flawless in every aspect.

How exactly did you make the TOP list of the best travel bbq grill?

Over a hundred of travel bbq grill from different brands has been thoroughly tested during the creation of this rating list. We wanted to make an unbiased buying guide, so we picked products considering their characteristics, but not brands. The TOP list was made based on details like the price, material, assembly quality, weight, and other important factors.


№ 2. Portable Grill Bbq Made From Stainless Steel, Easy Carrying and Setup, Perfect for Camping, Road Trip, Fishing, Outside Activities

Perfect for outside activities: the portable bbq is perfect for camping, fishing trips, hiking, picnics, rv camping, trailers, parks, tailgate parties, and grilling in small spaces. 8 moves set up: very easy to set up in only 2 minutes with only 8 moves. You can take it to or anywhere you want to have fun. Easy to carry: equipped with 2 wheels it s very easy to carry the bbq grill thanks to the telescopic pole that can be pulled out easily to drag it for travel. Solid stainless steel: the barbeque grill is made from durable and solid stainless steel. Airflow holes: vent control on both sides for easy adjustments of air circulation, raised charcoal rack and airflow holes in frame help charcoal burn efficiently. Removable grill and mess-free ash catcher for easy clean-up.


Solid stainless steel
Airflow holes
8 moves set up
Not suitable for short people due to the enormous size.

What should I look at in the first place when buying a travel bbq grill?

People who are buying the very first travel bbq grill in their life and do not have enough experience should carefully read user reviews. Many buyers from marketplace leave their impressions about various products, including travel bbq grill. Thanks to the reviews, you will be able to see all the nuances of any travel bbq grill on the marketplace and find a travel bbq grill with the best materials and price.


№ 3. Blackstone Table Top Grill, 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle, Propane Fueled, for Outdoor Cooking While Camping, Tailgating Or Picnicking

No hassle cleanup – blackstone makes cleanup a breeze with this table top gas griddle; simply wipe it off with a paper towel. No fuss cooking allows you more time to enjoy the outdoors. Easy to store – simply store the griddle top upside down on top of the griddle body after use to save space. Convenient and portable – this portable grill is built with an easy to use electric igniter, uses convenient 1 pound propane bottles for fuel, and has a built in grease catcher. Perfect for camping, tailgating, road trips, hunting and everyday outdoor use. Spacious cooking surface – this premium blackstone griddle offers 260 square inches (15.25in x 17in) of heavy duty cooking surface for versatility and durability.

Fast and even heating – this grill has a stainless steel “h” burner that heats up fast. The “h” shape offers even heat distribution and fast cooking with a 12.000 btu heat output.


Easy to store
No hassle cleanup
Spacious cooking surface
You will not be able to take it on a plane.
Works inconsistently.


№ 4. Charcoal Grill, Folding Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill for All Outdoor Adventures, Collapsible Cooker with Travel Bag and Protective Case|portable Outdoor Cooker for Bbq S, Hiking, Beach

Portable, lightweight: measuring 12.5 x 12.5 x 8.5, it folds neatly into the sleek travel case and it is super easy to transport. Unlike other commercial brands, it is not bulky and occupies very little room for storage virtually anywhere. Outdoor champ: use the grill set on any terrain or in any weather: sandy, rocky, dirt or grass turfs. Take it camping, to the beach or to your next hike through the open mountains. Its no holds bars for this fully functional cooker, that brings excellence to the picnic or barbecue table. Modern, practical: the trendy grill kit is both cost efficient and built with a new agedappeal; it is capable of producing top grade, finger licking good bbq like its more expensive native cousins.

Heavy duty: constructed with stainless steel for outstanding durability and performance. Can be fueled with wood, charcoal or coconut husks, excellent searing capability. Kit includes additional stainless steel protective case. Detachable parts, collapsible: unit assembles easily without the use of any tools, and conveniently breaks down for easy transportation and storage in the included tote bag.


Outdoor champ
Detachable parts
The cover looks like it will not last for long.
Not suitable for short people.

Is buying travel bbq grill online risky?

Over the last decade, online shopping become absolutely safe. If needed, all the travel bbq grill bought at the marketplace can be refunded or replaced. Considering that, you should not be afraid about being deceived.


№ 5. Portable Camping Grill, Folding Compact Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbeque Grill for Campers, Backpacking, Backyards, Survival

Lightweight and portable – the camping barbecue grill weighs only 12 oz and when packed up its dimensions are an incredibly small (12.4″ x 1″ x 1″). All grill parts are stored inside the tube and easily slide into your backpack. High quality – this collapsible grill is constructed from durable stainless steel and comes with a lanyard for easy hanging when in storage. Sturdy and easy to assemble – as long as the first and last rods on the grill are screwed in tight, the middle rods will be secure and won’t budge. Easy to clean – just wipe the rods with a towel and slide back into the convenient carry tube.

Great design – the grill’s neat and compact design leaves plenty of room in your pack for other essential items. No need to carry a heavy portable grill and propane tank on your next backpacking or camping trip. Assemble your grill in about three minutes and then gather some tinder and small branches to build your fire under it. Even when you are roughing it, you can still eat well.


High quality
Great design
The price tag may make you cry.


№ 6. Blackstone Dash Portable Grill Griddle for Outdoor Cooking, Camping and Tailgating

Easy set up – setting up the dash takes seconds with 1 telescoping 2-pronged leg and 2 front legs. Great stability on almost any terrain. Versatile – looking for the perfect portable grill or stove to bring with you. Look no further, the dash has you covered. Ultimate portability with unmatched versatility. A 240 square inch dual cooking surface with a flat griddle on one side and a ridged grill on the other powered by a 7000 btu burner. Grease management – practical design facilitates flipping of the cooking surface and includes a grease management system for easy cleaning and less food fat.

Portable – whether you are camping, tailgating, hunting, or just out with the family, the quick folding legs and 2-way packing system enables ergonomic side carrying or pulling on wheels. Easy cleanup – wipe down with a paper towel, stow-n-go the legs and you re on your way in a few minutes.


Easy set up
Grease management
Easy cleanup
The cost is inexplicably high.

How much money do I need to waste on a new travel bbq grill?

Decent travel bbq grill are rarely cheap. Remember, that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. A good travel bbq grill will serve you a lot of time and it is better to not save money on it. Spend more, but get the best travel bbq grill to enjoy your purchase and have no regrets afterwards.

How much money does a good travel bbq grill cost?

You should not make your choice based on the price of a travel bbq grill. You will not make a mistake by buying the most expensive travel bbq grill on the market, if you can afford it. However, you may never need a half of its functions. We recommend you to take a look at the travel bbq grill from the average price segment. It is quite possible that they will cover all of your needs. At the same time, you will save a bit of your hard-earned money.

Can I receive my money back for a travel bbq grill?

Marketplace offers have a customer-friendly return policy. It allows buyers to return most of the products, including travel bbq grill. If there are any problems with your travel bbq grill, contact the customer support team of the marketplace and describe your situation. Nevertheless, we recommend you carefully read the description of a travel bbq grill before buying it.

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