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Best Wax Warmer Bulb
People who are looking for the best wax warmer bulb possible can use our list, based on an extended market research. We have picked ten wax warmer bulb with the highest rating to help you choose a product with the best value.

Considering the number of various wax warmer bulb available on the market, choosing the best one is a pretty tough task. Hundreds of manufacturers release new wax warmer bulb every year to compete for your money. To make your choice a little bit easier, we decided to create this list of the TOP best wax warmer bulb (and the extended TOP-30 list).

Top 3 of U.S. Wax Warmer Bulb of 2018

Rating Image Name and Features Details
Salt Rock Lamp Bulb 1. Salt Rock Lamp Bulb
These long lasting incandescent bulbs provide approximately 1, 000 hours of light and warmth.
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GE Lighting Crystal Clear 17722 25-Watt 2. GE Lighting Crystal Clear 17722 25-Watt
G16.5 globe with candelabra base for use in vanity strips.
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Oumai 6 Pack 25 Watt Bulb 3. Oumai 6 Pack 25 Watt Bulb
These home fragrance bulbs have been designed to fit a variety of household lighting displays & wax warmers.
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№ 1. Salt Rock Lamp Bulb 10 Pack + 2 Free 15 Watt Replacement Bulbs for Himalayan Salt Lamps and Baskets, Chandeliers, Candle and Wax Warmers, Night Lights. Incandescent E12 Socket with Candelabra Base, Clear

Longest life: these long lasting incandescent bulbs provide approximately 1.000 hours of light and warmth. Designed with e12 socket and candelabra base. Best value: soulight value pack of 10 15 watt salt lamp replacement bulbs plus 2 free bonus bulbs (12 total), is the best value you ll find for your money. These bulbs are hard to find in local shops, so save time by purchasing this convenient multi-pack to keep your lamp glowing. Applications: soulight bulbs fit most himalayan salt lamps and baskets (better to use 7 watt for a small salt lamp and 15 watt for medium/large lamps – look for soulight best value 7w bulbs), candle warmers, wax warmers, night lights, wall plug ins, scentsy plug-in, bathroom mirror lights, living room cabinets, and more. Dim to your delight: unlike led light, this bulb spreads heat and is incandescent, which is ideal for dimming. Create the right mood and atmosphere for your home.

Money back guarantee: buy soulight bulbs risk free for 30 days.


The good
Money back guarantee
Longest life
Dim to your delight
The bad
This product is amazing.

What is the minimum allowable warranty period for a wax warmer bulb?

Based on our experience, we think that a decent wax warmer bulb should have at least a two-year warranty. There are many expensive models that come with longer periods, but we do not think that it is necessary. Sometimes it is better to buy a new product instead of overpaying for a long warranty and repairing the old wax warmer bulb.


№ 2. GE Lighting Crystal Clear 17722 25-Watt, 195-lumen G16.5 Light Bulb with Candelabra Base, 2-pack

G16.5 globe with candelabra base for use in vanity strips. Add sparkle to your decorative fixtures with ge crystal clear bulbs. The clear glass and elegant filament design provide a decorative touch in fixtures where the bulb is visible. And, ge crystal clear globes’ decorative round shape is perfect for illuminating pendant and vanity fixtures. Lasts 1.4 years based on 3 hours per day usage. 2700k soft white light appearance. 195 lumens providing subtle, reassuring light.


The good
Uses 25 watts
G16.5 globe
195 lumens providing subtle
Lasts 1.4 years based on 3 hours per day usage
2700k soft white light appearance
Add sparkle
The bad
The product will not survive a fall.

What is the price range for a good wax warmer bulb?

You should not make your choice based on the price of a wax warmer bulb. You will not make a mistake by buying the most expensive wax warmer bulb on the market, if you can afford it. However, you may never need a half of its functions. We recommend you to take a look at the wax warmer bulb from the average price segment. It is quite possible that they will cover all of your needs. At the same time, you will save a bit of your hard-earned money.


№ 3. Oumai 6 Pack 25 Watt Bulb S for Scentsy Plug-in Nightlight Wax Warmers, Home Fragrance Wax Diffusers and Salt Lamps, 120 Volt Bulk Bulb Replacements

Extended bulb life: each light bulb offers an extra long life. You rarely even have to replace the light bulbs, frequency will depend on the amount of usage. Universal socket: these home fragrance bulbs have been designed to fit a variety of household lighting displays & wax warmers. Use them to replace bulbs in scentsy plug-in nightlight warmers or salt lamps. High bulb wattage: replacing the bulb of your scentsy warmer can be a bit tricky. If you don’t use a strong enough wattage, the wax won’t fully melt.


The good
High bulb wattage
Round shape
6 piece value pack
Extended bulb life
Universal socket
The bad
The material quickly gets wet under the rain.

What things should I check before buying a wax warmer bulb?

Before making a purchase, you can use marketplace to find out everything you want to know about any specific wax warmer bulb. We like this marketplace for a good reason: this website has a great interface and a “Compare” feature, which makes the process of finding the best wax warmer bulb a lot easier. Do not forget about user reviews: read them to understand whether the chosen wax warmer bulb is suitable for you.

How exactly did you come up with this list of the best wax warmer bulb?

Our team took so many factors into account that it is would be impossible to describe every detail. Rest assured we considered every important factor. Cost, housing material, average user score, and many other specifications of each wax warmer bulb were used to make the TOP list of the best products. We did everything possible to help you choose the best wax warmer bulb!

Can I receive my money back for a wax warmer bulb?

Marketplace offers have a customer-friendly return policy. It allows buyers to return most of the products, including wax warmer bulb. If there are any problems with your wax warmer bulb, contact the customer support team of the marketplace and describe your situation. Nevertheless, we recommend you carefully read the description of a wax warmer bulb before buying it.

How safe is it to purchase wax warmer bulb?

The marketplace considered as one of the most reliable online store. Every wax warmer bulb on the website has detailed descriptions. Moreover, marketplace offers a money back guarantee if you get a wrong or malfunctioning item. You have no reasons to worry.

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